Lets Talk About Meth


Use the menu above to get the information you need, or click these links if:
» if you use meth or any drug and want to ask for help
» if you would like advice from gay and bisexual men about their staying off crystal meth
» if you are the partner of a crystal meth user, or a friend of a crystal meth user.

What is Crystal Meth?
What is it made of? How is it used? What are the side effects? Find out now.

Helping Others
Are you concerned that a friend or loved one is using crystal meth? What you can do

Using Now?
Are you using crystal meth and not ready to stop? Find out how you can reduce your risk

Helping Yourself
How to ask for help. How to get the help you need. Start here

About Us
The DC Crystal Meth Working Group consists of individual members of the local community and local organizations dedicated to providing information and resource that help people make informed choices about crystal meth. Find out more here